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Out of the Rock Overview

Out of the Rock (OOTR) is the National Energy Foundation’s brand of mining and mineral education. As the saying goes, “if it is not farmed, it’s mined.” Since 1994, teacher workshops, mine tours and a premier suite of curriculum centered around mining and minerals have made OOTR an effective resource for introducing mining concepts to students. OOTR teaching strategies make learning about mining and minerals fun! The importance of finite resources hits home when students run out of chocolate chips from their cookie mine.

Out of the Rock programs and curriculum are available for kindergarten through 12th grade teachers and their students. OOTR approaches mining and minerals education with exciting, hands-on learning strategies.

NEF Out of the Rock™ Educational Program

Out of the Rock Includes:

Out of the Rock Audience:

  • K through 12th grade students and teachers

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