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Natural Gas Poster


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Follow step-by-step as you go through the properties, exploration, processing and transportation, environment, uses, efficiency and safety of natural gas! Discover where your natural gas comes from and its process from underground deposits, to the power plant, to how it is distributed throughout your community and your home. Did you know that natural gas supplies nearly one-fourth of all the energy used in the United States? Find out the many uses of natural gas in your home, your work and your daily consumption.

For more in-depth lessons on natural gas, explore the back side of the poster. Learn about natural gas basics, extraction and production, processing and distribution, the uses, technologies and the environment, pricing, safety, careers and how to be more efficient with natural gas. Dive into the basics and properties of natural gas to learn what color the flame is when it burns. Test your conservation skills in your home by following the student activity. Then, share your findings with family and discuss how window coverings can be used as an insulator to conserve energy.

Use this as a great visual in the classroom and become a natural gas expert!

23’’x 35’’, Full Color Front, B/W Back.




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