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Natural Gas Safety

Natural Gas Energist by NEF

This eight-page, newspaper-format publication provides helpful information on natural gas formation and properties, new technologies, unconventional sources of natural gas and economics and regulation. Grades 7-12 and organizations, 11"x17", two-color.

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Science of Flames Poster

This captivating poster compares the characteristics of a common gas flame to those of solid fuel flames. Characteristics such as luminosity, combustion, temperature, flame structure and emissions are explained in an easy-to-understand manner. Examples of flames and flame usage are included on the back of the poster along with suggested lesson plans and student handouts. Grades 4-12, 39"x25", Full Color front, B/W back.

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Natural Gas Mercaptan Scratch and Sniff Stickers

Ever wonder what natural gas smells like? Do you want to teach students how to recognize a natural gas leak to be more aware of any possible leaks? With these Natural Gas Mercaptan Scratch and Sniff Stickers, you can! These potent Natural Gas Mercaptan Stickers are an effective and entertaining way to learn about the smell of natural gas.

Here are some comments from teachers who have used the stickers in their classroom:

“My students really enjoyed the stickers that smell like natural gas! It was probably one of the most useful parts as well, because they will not forget it.” - Teacher in Kentucky

“Honestly, the scratch and sniff sticker had the biggest impact - when we involve more than one sense, we learn!” - Teacher in Arizona

“They loved the scratch and sniff stickers. That was helpful in communicating to them what to look for with gas leaks.” - Teacher in Pennsylvania

Simply scratch and sniff the sticker, and be sure to have a camera nearby to capture the reaction of the willing participant!

Each set includes 30 individual stickers.

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Natural Gas Safety Poster by NEF

Natural gas safety is highlighted with natural gas safety tips, including what to do if you smell natural gas. This poster includes an affixed "scratch 'n sniff" sticker to help everyone recognize the 'rotten egg' smell of mercaptan, the odorant added to natural gas. Vital pipeline safety information is included on the poster, such as awareness of underground pipeline locations, the necessity to call before digging, recognizing leaks, and what to do if a leak is suspected. Call NEF for information to customize this poster for pipeline safety outreach activities. Grades K-12 and general public, 23"x35", Full Color front, B/W back.

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The Natural Gas Safety Bundle is an informative group of materials to enlighten your knowledge on natural gas and safety. The Bundle includes the following educational materials:
Natural Gas Safety At Home and In The Community Poster
Science of Flames Poster
Natural Gas Energist
Natural Gas Mercaptan Scratch and Sniff Stickers (set of 30)

By purchasing this bundle, you automatically receive a 10 percent discount!



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