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Follow step-by-step as you go through the exploration, drilling, production, distribution, refining and the future of oil. The front of the Oil Poster illustrates how oil drilling and oil technology relate to our everyday lives, whether it be driving to the store or a new pair of shoes!

Did you know that oil supplies about 97% of U.S. transportation fuels? For more in-depth lessons and activities, explore the back side of the Oil Poster. Learn about oil basics, the history of the oil industry, drilling, pipelines, uses of petroleum, oil reserves and explore careers in the petroleum industry.

Students will learn from the Oil Poster that more can be produced from oil other than gasoline, materials like synthetic fabrics that are used to make backpacks and sleeping bags, medicines to help fight diseases, fertilizers used by farmers to increase agricultural production and toys!

Three student activities on the Oil Poster will demonstrate how oil is formed by exploring the life of plankton, how to find oil by recreating a mini underground oil reserve and the importance of oil drilling clean-up by thinking of innovative ideas to clean up an oil spill in your own kitchen!

Grades 6-12, 23″x35″, Full Color front, B/W back.



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