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Ever wonder what makes our lights work when we turn them on? The Renewable Energy Sources Poster explains the difference between Renewable and Nonrenewable resources and how they contribute to our everyday activities, like turning the lights on.

The front of the Renewable Energy Sources Poster illustrates how each renewable energy source makes its way to our homes, schools, stores, etc. For example, Solar Power is harnessed through the power towers in a solar plant and solar panels on the homes; while Hydropower is harnessed through the kinetic energy of moving water through the dams.

It’s also interesting to point out the smaller everyday activities on the Renewable Energy Sources Poster that require renewable energy, like Wind Power pushing a sail boat or eating food from the garden (Biomass) to give us energy to play!

Detailed descriptions of each Renewable Resource and how they are transformed into electricity to power all the comforts of our homes are shown on the back side of the Renewable Energy Sources Poster. Interactive activities are included to demonstrate how Renewable Resources are able to produce energy so that students understand the importance of energy efficiency to conserve our Renewable Resources. Like turning off the lights when we leave the room!

All ages, 23”x35”, Full Color front, B/W back.



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