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Electrical & Natural Gas Safety


Natural Gas Energist by NEF

Natural Gas Energist

This eight-page, newspaper-format publication provides helpful information on natural gas formation and properties, new technologies, unconventional sources of natural gas and economics and regulation. Grades 7-12 and organizations, 11"x17", two-color.

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Electrical Safety Poster by NEF

Electrical Safety in and Around the Home Poster

The importance of electrical safety is clearly demonstrated on this poster. Its reverse offers printable materials to teachers for class distribution. These include: basic electrical safety lesson plans, an electrical safety checklist and other items to supplement the illustrated safety message. Grades K-5, 23"x35", Full Color front, B/W back.

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Natural Gas Safety Poster by NEF

Natural Gas Safety at Home and in The Community Poster

Natural gas safety is highlighted with natural gas safety tips, including what to do if you smell natural gas. This poster includes an affixed "scratch 'n sniff" sticker to help everyone recognize the 'rotten egg' smell of mercaptan, the odorant added to natural gas. Vital pipeline safety information is included on the poster, such as awareness of underground pipeline locations, the necessity to call before digging, recognizing leaks, and what to do if a leak is suspected. Call NEF for information to customize this poster for pipeline safety outreach activities. Grades K-12 and general public, 23"x35", Full Color front, B/W back.

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The Electrical and Natural Gas Safety Bundle is a wonderful way to educate your students on the many ways to be safe with electricity and natural gas. The bundle includes the following educational materials:
Natural Gas Safety Poster
Electrical Safety Poster
Natural Gas Energist
Electrical Safety Energist

By purchasing this bundle, you automatically receive a 10 percent discount!



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