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Mining Reclamation and Safety

Mining Reclamation Poster

Mining Reclamation Poster

The subtitle, Responsible Reuse of Lands through Planning, Management and Technology, describes this poster's focus on mining reclamation as a critical element in the overall mining process. Its reverse offers supplemental information for student learning activities. Grades 6-12, 23"x35", Full Color front and back.


Mining Reclamation Primer

The eight-page primer is NEF's newest minerals education publication. Contains up-to-date information about a variety of reclamation-related topics including: national & state regulations, the phases of mining reclamation, native species issues, technology and abandoned mine lands. Grades 7-12 and organizations, 11"x17", two-color.

Act Responsibly Poster

Act Responsibly: Stay Out and Stay Alive Poster

This poster highlights a series of safety situations that one may encounter around abandoned, idle and active mines. The poster helps students make wise choices and apply leadership skills. The reverse side of the poster provides additional information and activities concerning safety around mines. Grades 4-12, 23"x35", Full Color front, B/W back.

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The Mining Reclamation and Safety Bundle is a wonderful set of posters that educate about reclamation and the safeties of being around mines. The bundle includes the following educational materials:
Act Responsibly: Stay out and Stay Alive Poster
Mining Reclamation Poster
Mining Reclamation Primer

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