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Oil and Natural Gas


Oil Poster by NEF

Oil Poster

This beautiful poster illustrates oil, its formation, exploration, drilling, production, technology, distribution, refining, marketing and issues related to the future of oil, new technologies and environmental impact. Its reverse provides background information and learning activities that complement the poster front’s visual presentation. Grades 6-12, 23″x35″, Full Color front, B/W back.

Natural Gas Poster

This detailed poster describes the formation, exploration, extraction, transportation and use of natural gas. Its reverse offers supplemental information for student learning activities, a great way to discover more. Grades K-8, 23”x35”, Full Color front, B/W back.

Natural Gas Energist by NEF

Natural Gas Energist

This eight-page, newspaper-format publication provides helpful information on natural gas formation and properties, new technologies, unconventional sources of natural gas and economics and regulation. Grades 7-12 and organizations, 11"x17", two-color.

Picture Yourself in an Energy Career Poster by NEF

Picture Yourself in an Energy Career Poster

This poster offers valuable information about careers in the industry. Its reverse includes infographics of energy related careers as well as student learning and brainstorming activities. All ages, 23"x35", Full Color front and back.


The Fossil Fuels Bundle is a terrific set of posters that allows your students to more fully understand fossil fuels and their uses. The bundle includes the following four educational resources:
Picture Yourself in an Energy Career Poster
Oil Poster
Natural Gas Poster
Natural Gas Energist

By purchasing this bundle, you automatically receive a 10 percent discount!



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