Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Our mission is to promote and cultivate an energy literate society. As we continue to grow our national presence we are committed to representing the communities in which we serve. These communities can be very different from one another and each has its own diverse makeup of teachers, students and families. We define diversity as a range of individual and collective differences that encompass more than race and gender such as varied life experiences and beliefs.

We recognize equity as the basic right of individuals to experience any of life’s opportunities regardless of individual or collective differences. We will continue to educate in a variety of communities throughout the US, aspiring to support energy justice through our energy literacy programs. Access to energy knowledge allows students from any background and circumstances to be empowered in personal, local and national energy decisions.

We hope to communicate to utilities, teachers, students, families and communities the vital role they play in what we do. They help us reach, and are invited to join us in, our mission to cultivate and promote an energy literate society. We strive to make our curriculum and materials welcoming to all through accessibility and representation.

Girl looking at model wind turbine.

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