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Is your community ready for Electric Vehicles (EVs)?

rEV is an electrifying educational experience driving understanding around electric vehicle (EV) adoption. This program is designed to educate students on the benefits of EVs through a STEM-based curriculum, as well as introduce them to career opportunities in transportation electrification. After the experience, students and parents alike will understand the economic, environmental, and societal benefits of buying an EV.

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Interactive Experience

Driving Change with Electrifying Engagement

Our rEV program is an innovative presentation designed for modern students. It consists of choose-your-own-adventure videos, rEV chats to explore electrification concepts in depth, and games to engage students in different ways.

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National Competition

Ready, Set, Action!

Every year, NEF hosts the rEV Challenge! This video-based competition gives students a chance to show what they have learned through the rEV program. All submissions are reviewed and scored by NEF team members, and a winner is selected to receive an epic prize!

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Drive into the Future of Transportation

From interactive programs to fun online games, rEV has a variety of materials to connect you with the future of electric transportation.

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Digital Materials

Education Designed for the Digital Age

rEV comes with more than just a presentation. There are online games, worksheets, lesson plans, and additional materials for teachers to continue the learning process. rEV is designed for the digital age and helps students learn about electrification in ways that connect.

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Future Drivers and Energy Awareness

The National Energy Foundation’s educational approach to electric vehicles includes teaching students about the fuel mix in their areas. This is a great way to connect the dots from resource to behavior. Knowing the electrical generation of energy used when they plug in an electric vehicle will help students make energy aware choices.

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Experiences that Drive Change

Thank you for the introduction into the EV world. It is a wonderful program that is highly engaging!

TeacherPacific Power rEV Program

I am super excited to witness the amazing future of these electric cars! I can’t wait to learn more!

StudentPNM rEV Program
blog image rEV electrificationElectric Vehicles
October 4, 2022

Electrification and rEV

rEV is the National Energy Foundation’s (NEF) newest program. It follows Sarah, a young car lover, as she learns about the future of transportation electrification. It covers the development of…
blog image rev challenge fallElectric VehiclesNews
February 22, 2022

Fall 2021 rEV Challenge Winner

This fall we had an extraordinary number of entries for our national rEV Challenge. With 140 entries from 9 states, we were sure to find some amazing submissions. We are…
Screen Shot 2022 01 18 at 4.08.52 PMElectric VehiclesNews
January 25, 2022

New EV Education Program Launch

In 2021, in partnership with Electrify America, the National Energy Foundation (NEF) launched our new electric vehicle (EV) education program, rEV.  rEV is an interactive program for 6th - 12th…

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