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Meet the NEF Team

NEF has been in business for over 45 years. Throughout those years we have assembled a vigorous team who is passionate about energy education with experienced and qualified individuals who deliver quality results.

Elissa Richards 2023 pp scaled
Elissa Richards

President and CEO

Janet Hatch July2023 scaled
Janet Hatch

Chief Operating Officer

DSC1766 861 pp scaled
Gary Swan

Chief Marketing Officer

Wayne 230807 scaled
Wayne Bonner

Chief Financial Officer

Katie 8.1.23 scaled
Katie Barnes

Manager of Client Solutions

Jeanna Bonner 230803 scaled
Jeana Bonner

Program Administrator

Elena 080123 scaled
Elena Clark

Senior Director

Patti Clark 8.1.2023 scaled
Patti Clark

Senior Director

DSC1814 864 pp scaled
Gigi Dammer

Program Administrator

Chaise EwertMeyer 230802 scaled
Chaise Ewert-Meyer

Program Director

Kelly Flowers 8.1.2023 scaled
Kelly Flowers

Senior Director

TiffanyFoland scaled
Tiffany Foland

Program Director

Grace Ford 230803 scaled
Grace Ford

Program Administrator

MeganFrazier 8 1 23 scaled
Megan Frazier

Shipping and Fulfillment Program Manager

Untitled design 34
Lia Gallo

Program Administrator

Donita Hammerstein 8.1.23 scaled
Donita Hammerstein

Program Manager

Steve Haslam 070123 scaled
Steve Haslam

Curriculum Manager

Untitled design 34
Cory Heslop

Graphic Designer

Eilene Hezseltine 230801 scaled
Eilene Hezseltine

Administrative Assistant

Megan Hirschi 8.23 scaled
Megan Hirschi

Program Director

AmandaHowell080123 scaled
Amanda Howell

East Region Program Manager

DSC1710 862 pp scaled
Lauren Johnson

Program Director

Untitled design 34
Lisa Johnson

Program Administrator

DSC1612 859 pp scaled
Sandee Lofgren

Michigan Office Manager

Untitled design 34
Emily Mastin

West Region Program Manager

DSC1498 860 scaled
Everett Marston

Video and Communications Specialist

Jane Mastin 8 2 2023 scaled
Jane Mastin


Suzie Matheson 8.1.2023 scaled
Suzie Matheson

Program Administrator

Untitled design 34
Bridget Murphy

Program Administrator

Jeanette Orlando 230803 scaled
Jeanette Orlando

Program Coordinator/Scheduler

DSC1637 866 pp scaled
Tammi Phillippe

Program Manager

Alison Pinnock 230814 scaled
Alison Pinnock

Program Director

DSC1872 862 pp scaled
Shannon Poulson

Information Systems Manager

Julie Rabren July 2023 scaled
Julie Rabren

Program Manager

Robin Reinarts 8.1.2023 scaled
Robin Reinarts

Regional Vice President

SarahRichards8.1.23 scaled
Sarah Richards

Program Manager

Gary R has No Eyes scaled
Gary Riehle

Data Systems Manager

Chris scaled
Chris Reilly

Director of Client Solutions

Janet Salley 8.1.23 scaled
Janet Salley

Program Manager

DSC1558 859 pp scaled
Marissa Stanger

Program Director

Laurie Sumsion 230801 scaled
Laurie Sumsion

Director of Program Operations

Untitled design 34
Pat Swartzendruber

Program Administrator

Untitled design 34
Deidra Townsend

Operations Training & Recruitment Manager

Dana Way

Marketing and Communications Manager

Travis White 20230802 scaled
Travis White

Layout & Programs Assistant

Untitled design 34
Matt Wilson

Program Administrator

Amy Wingate 8.1.23 scaled
Amy Wingate

Program Manager

Join us in empowering the next generation with energy literacy

Contact NEF today to learn more about our innovative educational experiences. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have and help you develop a customized energy education program that meets your specific needs.

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