NEF Administration

Elissa Richards

Elissa Richards

President & CEO

Anne Lowe

Vice President of Operations

Gary Swan

Vice President of Development

Wayne Bonner

Vice President of Finance & Administration

NEF Staff (In Alphabetical Order)

  • Jeana Bonner

    Program Administrator
  • Danielle Carlston

    Marketing & Development Administrator
  • Emi Christison

    Production Assistant
  • Elana Clark

    Elena Clark

    Program Manager
  • Patti Clark

    Program Administrator
  • Stephanie Dorman

    Program Manager
  • Chaise Ewert-Meyer

    Program Coordinator
  • Kelly Flowers

    Senior Program Director
  • Tiffany Foland

    Program Administrator
  • Janet Hatch

    Senior Program Director
  • Cory Heslop

    Layout & Design
  • Lauren Johnson

    Program Administrator
  • Casey Klosterman

    Program Administrator
  • Bridget Murphy

    Educational Service Representative
  • Caleb Oldner

  • Tammi Phillippe

    Program Administrator
  • Shannon Poulson

    Information Systems Manager
  • Robin Reinarts

    Senior Program Director
  • Janet Salley

    Program Manager
  • Laurie Sumsion

    Director of Program Operations
  • Pat Swartzendruber

    Pat Swartzendruber

    Educational Support Coordinator
  • Ian Wright

    Director of Business Development

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