Alternative Fuels Poster

There are multiple ways we can lower our emissions. This poster is an impactful tool

to learn about the many types of alternative fuels, vehicles and the various

effects they have on our environment. Its reverse offers supplemental

information and student learning activities.

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Nuclear Energy Poster

This poster is an impactful tool. Nuclear energy is fully demonstrated in this poster.

From the mining and processing of uranium, to electrical generation

from uranium, to the storage of spent fuel, students will gain a better

understanding of nuclear energy as an energy source.

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Electrical Generation Poster

This poster focuses on the energy sources used to generate electricity

in the United States and Canada. Renewable energy sources, such as

hydropower, wind energy and solar power are highlighted, along with

the fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) and nuclear energy that are

the dominant sources of electricity in North America.

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