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Provide Your Communities With the Safety Message They Need

Energy Safe Kids (ESK) will help your organization build an effective strategy for energy safety in your community. Natural gas and electricity have become essential in our daily lives, but proper safety education is often only addressed once it’s too late. ESK will help your organization reach various ages and audiences with safety messages that make homes, schools, and neighborhoods safer.

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Teacher Directed Programs

Providing Teachers with Flexibility and Innovative Programs

NEF will ship all materials and lessons directly to teachers! Our turnkey programs allow teachers to fit the presentations into their own curriculum schedule, allowing for a broader reach in schools.

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in class presentations

High Quality Presentations By Trained Professionals

NEF trains our Energy Educators (EEs) to deliver fun and impactful presentations. They travel to schools all across the country and provide engaging presentations to classrooms or entire grade levels.

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Digital materials

Online Learning Tools for the Modern Age

NEF provides custom branded websites with safety materials, posters, and games. In this digital age, our websites help ensure every student is learning to be safe with energy!

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Our Mission at Work

NEF programs help organizations meet their energy safety requirements, reach significant energy savings and produce meaningful experiences for students and their families. While our impact is great, the memories our programs make are lifelong.


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Energy Safe Kids

Engaging Curriculum With Innovative Delivery

Energy Safe Kids encourages students to make wise choices with natural gas and electricity in their homes and teaches them what to do to prevent and avoid outside hazards. Take-home materials and a custom website allow students to teach their families how to be safe as well. All presentations, materials and websites can be custom-branded by our utility partners.

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Measurable Results Are The Name of The Game

We all appreciate the fact that this program has been made available to us! It's full of extremely important information that is presented in a very easy to understand format for our 4th graders.

TeacherColumbia Gas of Virginia ESK Program

Thank you for sponsoring this informative, educational program for the students to learn about natural gas, and the safety steps to take in and around their house.

TeacherUGI ESK Program
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Electric Safety Presentation

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Thermilla Breaks It Down: Natural Gas Safety

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Electric Safety in the Classroom

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