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NEF’s approach to energy workforce development helps students discover the variety of incredible job opportunities available in the energy sector. It also provides training to help begin shaping a potential career. Through a series of inspiring programs and materials, NEF makes a powerful connection between students and the companies, organizations and government agencies that benefit from passionate students finding lifelong careers in energy. NEF has partnered with industry leaders such as the Center for Energy Workforce Development to provide energy workforce development strategies.

As students reach middle and high school, they are exploring jobs and designing class schedules to be able to be qualified for those jobs. Teachers, counselors and students benefit from workforce development curriculum and trainings. Your organization will benefit from positive media opportunities as you increase your presence in communities and help train the next generation of energy experts.

NEF Energy Workforce Development for students

Energy Workforce Development Includes:

    • Energy workforce development
    • Tools for school counselors
    • Career exploration
    • Curriculum and materials for educators
    • Teacher development

Energy Workforce Development Audience:

    • Teachers and school counselors