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In-class presentations are a great way for your organization to have a positive impact on students and teachers. Professional energy educators from NEF work directly with students in their own environment.  Presentations are customized with your organization’s branding and messages to accomplish efficiency, safety, education and community outreach goals. NEF offers in-class presentations that cover efficiency, safety, mining and minerals and more. Students take part in hands-on, minds-on learning activities based on the latest science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning standards.

Learning about energy will be the most exciting part of a student’s day when the NEF team attends class. Energy and water efficiency, energy safety, natural resources and other energy literacy topics are presented in a way that engages and motivates students to investigate energy further. NEF goes beyond the standard lecture to get students out of their seats and to explore energy for themselves.

In-class Presentations Include:

    • Face-to-face presentations and assemblies
    • Custom branded content
    • Kit and materials distribution
    • Community outreach
    • Interactive games, experiments and learning activities
    • Professionally trained energy educators

In-class Presentation Audience:

    • Students and Teachers