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Teacher-directed programs provide energy and water efficiency kits that garner significant evaluated savings. In addition to custom-branded kits with energy efficiency devices for each participant to install at home, teachers receive everything they need to implement the program. Curriculum addresses energy literacy topics including: natural resources, energy basics and energy efficiency. Push play presentations allow teachers to conduct the program in a way that works best to their instruction. NEF conducts all of the follow-up to make sure every gallon of water, therm of natural gas and kWh of electricity is calculated. This makes NEF teacher-directed programs a perfect fit for any energy or water efficiency portfolio.

Teacher-directed programs, customized with your brand, can reach an audience of any size. Cost-effective energy savings and public relations opportunities are just the beginning of the benefits of sponsorship.

NEF Teacher-Directed Programs Educational Kits

Teacher-Directed Programs Include:

      • Energy and/or water efficiency kit distribution
      • Education materials delivered to classrooms
      • Custom-branded materials
      • DVD presentation
      • Verified energy savings
      • Cross-marketing for utility programs
      • Correlation to state learning requirements

Teacher-Directed Program Audience:

  • Teachers and students