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NEF’s successful in-class presentations and self-directed programs are now available to organizations that require water education and savings. Both program models are customizable to help reach classrooms on a large or small scale. Custom-branded kits, contents and materials will help reach your organization’s water conservation goals. Students will participate in hands-on learning activities integrating the latest science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning standards all related to the specific water issues that affect your area. In addition to excellent public relations, water savings that result from sponsoring an NEF water conservation program are evaluated and verified.

NEF water conservation programs are effective ways to reach water savings goals. Students have great potential to change the way we use water. Self-directed programs and in-class presentations result in significant water savings and media opportunities.

NEF Water Conservation Programs

Water Conservation Programs Include:

      • In-class water conservation presentations and assemblies
      • Water-conservation kit and materials distribution
      • Custom-branding
      • Community outreach
      • Interactive games, experiments and learning activities
      • Correlated to state learning requirements

Water Conservation Program Audience:

      • Teachers and students
      • Community groups