COVID-19 Solutions


At the National Energy Foundation (NEF) we are committed to continue providing quality energy education during the ever-changing world of the COVID-19 pandemic. NEF’s president, vice president of operations, program directors and curriculum developers are former educators who intimately understand the education community, specialize in delivering energy concepts and information to teachers and students and are ready to adapt to however school looks this fall.

We continue to witness growth in energy education opportunities for families as school closures have required more at-home learning for students. We have prepared dynamic new digital delivery strategies to bring energy education into the home and continue to work closely with our Educators Advisory Council to collaborate on ongoing efforts to adapt and innovate. Learn more about our connection with educators and our COVID-19 digital learning solutions below.

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National Energy Foundation

Custom Websites +
Digital Activities

Online energy education portals are the perfect way to deliver digital activities, videos, games, voiceover presentations and printable PDFs straight into homes and the hands of families. Each website is customizable to utility branding.

E-learning Courses

NEF’s fun new e-learning courses are an interactive way to connect with students virtually. Designed to enhance NEF energy education programs these courses provide an engaging instructional option in a distance learning environment.

Teacher Webinars

Digital training sessions, such as webinars, enhance online delivery methods by providing teachers with the knowledge to implement programs when NEF Energy Educators cannot enter the classroom.

Kit Distribution

NEF has creatively constructed a wide array of contingency options to ensure that energy efficiency kits get delivered to homes, enabling families to install energy efficiency devices whether school is in session or not.

+ Contests

Student competitions enhance the at-home, online experience and boost community engagement. A creative and fun platform for understanding, competitions can stand alone or complement a digital presentation program.

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