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The National Energy Foundation (NEF) hosted its third annual Educators’ Advisory Council on June 27 and 28. The event brought together educators from across the United States to discuss educational trends and review NEF’s classroom programs. The sitting council has invested much time and energy in helping NEF cultivate and promote an energy literate society.

Educators Keep Energy Programs Innovative

Designed to give the NEF team in-depth feedback on its current programs, the Educators’ Advisory Council plays an important role in curriculum improvement. As well the council helps NEF design, then implement innovative program features for the future. For this reason, the council is key in sharing information about the current educational culture and classroom demands. This year the inspiring educator team helped NEF assess established and brand-new educational games.

Energy Programs Support Educators

Dedicated to creating energy programs that are relevant to students and their families, NEF likewise strives to create easy to implement content for teachers. NEF has an extraordinarily high regard for teachers as its own workforce is deliberately populated with past educators. The foundation’s hope is that teachers will share awareness about energy education presentations, materials and resources.

Who’s on the Educators’ Advisory Council

Carefully selected educators from Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Utah and New Mexico represented teachers involved in NEF programs throughout the country. The six participating educators have over 100 years of collective teaching experience, bringing a wealth of insight and ideas. As a result of such valuable collaboration and advice NEF stands out as a premier educational organization.

After two days work the National Energy Foundation treated educators to fun day at Utah’s Olympic Park.

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