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The National Energy Foundation (NEF) welcomed back top educators from across the country for our annual Educators’ Advisory Council on June 24. The virtual event featured discussions about the opportunities in education so NEF can continue to serve students, teachers, administrators and families. The council also provided valuable feedback on NEF’s classroom programs.

This year, we are excited to welcome four new members as the Educators’ Advisory Council has expanded to include eight members. The council includes members from Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Mexico, Michigan, Colorado, Utah and Illinois. These educators represent all different programs from elementary to high school and have over 150 years of combined teaching experience. We are grateful for their time and commitment to providing high-quality energy education for students across the country.

Educators Speak to School and Student Needs

This year, the Educators’ Advisory Council spoke about trends affecting schools and families, including the continued impact of COVID-19. As a result, the council helped create strategies to support classrooms with e-learning tools and flexible program implementation to accommodate in-person and virtual learning. The feedback also highlighted ways to best serve teachers in the fast-paced, dynamic K-12 environment. To aid busy teachers, NEF will continue to make our programs simple and impactful.

NEF is always looking for new and better ways to support its wonderful educator community across the country. We are grateful to the outstanding educators who participate in our Educators’ Advisory Council and make it possible to improve our curriculum to be a valuable addition to the classrooms of today. Together, we are able to bring crucial energy literacy programs to hundreds of thousands of students each year.

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