Innovation Program Tier 2 Pilot

Innovation Program Tier 2 Pilot

This fall the National Energy Foundation (NEF) launched its tier 2 (advanced power strip with timer and motion sensor) option to the already established Innovation program. Dedicated to energy efficiency education, NEF’s Innovation program is for high school students (grades 9-12). The tier 2 pilot program ran from October 23-Nov 15, 2017, including 9 high schools and 40 teachers with distribution of 1,022 energy efficiency kits.

High school students review general concepts about energy efficiency, specifically in their state of residence*. Students then receive real-world education in the form of an energy bill and exploring everyday energy in the home. Learn more about our Think! Energy programs.

Students are given an Innovation Kit with energy efficient products, invited to participate in our annual Innovation Challenge, and return a Home Energy Worksheet (to measure at home installation rates). The Innovation program presenter reviews the kit with the student; giving close attention to details and energy saving aspects of the tier 2 power strip.

Innovation Program Promotes Energy Efficient Product Installation

Installation rates and energy savings will increase when:

  • students physically see how the power strip works
  • understand its relevance to efficient energy use
  • given ideas for use of the tier 2 power strip

Presenters demonstrate how the power strip works and give students ideas for use. So, what’s its relevance to efficient energy?

The Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip adds a motion sensor to the existing great qualities of the Smart Powerstrip. The television and other electronics plugged into the switched outlets will shut down after no movement is sensed for a period of time. This power strip with a timer is creating more energy efficient homes through smart technology.

We encourage Innovation program students to install items in their kit. Then participate in the Innovation Challenge. Hopefully, instilling energy efficiency education into their lifestyles since these high school students will be responsible for paying energy bills in just a few years. For many, lower income students, providing for such living expenses is already a way of life. While learning to save everyday energy, these kids are also learning to save money. Especially relevant, the top asked question in our high school programs is, “how much money will it save?”

Changing one behavior, can change so much more.

Innovation Program Effects Everyday Energy Use

Most noteworthy, the winners of our most recent Innovation Challenge were participants in our tier 2 pilot program. Learn more about the contest (an innovation challenge for students) sponsored by PPL and watch the winning video, PPL Think! Energy Project

In addition to sharing the knowledge learned, high school students were excited to try out the Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip at home. Many students have goals to be more energy efficient, so a product developed to support everyday energy use caught their attention. “The strip was designed to allow an energy flow of 72,000 amps, which will certainly power most electronics one may need to power.” says Jeremy, from Susquenita High School. “Also, a big plus side to the smart power strip is that it acts as a surge protector, making sure an electrical error will not harm any electronics.”

Cultivating energy literacy is NEF’s mission. Contact us to learn more about how to participate in our energy education grants (giving or receiving). With our connections to the education system, we are influential to energy education inside classrooms.

*Innovation Tier 2 pilot program was first deployed in Pennsylvania, USA.

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