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2015 was a year of significant improvements to the National Energy Foundation’s (NEF) visual brand identity. Marketing and communications remains a powerful tool to maximize the effectiveness of NEF in the energy education marketplace. A major part of NEF’s visual identity is the launch of its new website.

This website shows its visitors that NEF is committed to its mission of cultivating and promoting energy literacy through providing several services. The has been able to be innovative as continuous developments in the energy industry take place. Its commitment to energy literacy includes keeping up with industry-related trends technologically, digitally and educationally.

NEF Online Makeover

The NEF online store has undergone a dynamic redevelopment to put a new spotlight on our educational materials. Visitors will enjoy the visual elements of dynamic displays and precise readability. Engaging posters, interactive multimedia and other educational materials will allow homes, classrooms and communities to benefit from the learning experience of continuous energy literacy right at their fingertips.

New NEF Website - Enegry Safe Kids (ESK) Website Screenshot

NEF is looking forward to a future of providing energy literacy in new and exciting ways. As NEF moves toward this future, the organization reflects on its 40-year history of providing services of energy awareness, management and safety to teachers, students, families and communities. Like working with the National Energy Foundation, the website offers a friendly user experience appealing to many different audiences and opportunities to contact NEF for more information.

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