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The NEF Curriculum Team has been hard at work creating a new digital experience for students by bringing classic NEF posters to life. Students already know how to play, now NEF wants them to play to learn! The Interactive Learning Component (ILC) aims to reach students with auditory, visual and reading learning styles using fun art, great sound effects and fast paced questions to put their energy knowledge to the test.

Online, offline, SMART board, phone or tablet, students, teachers and their families pick their favorite way to “play” the poster. “We took some of our instructional posters and made them interactive and gamified!” said Ian Wright, a major contributor to the project, “It’s a larger experience about energy safety in a fun way.” When students have fun learning, that message does not end at school. The thought provoking content of NEF energy education has finally come alive giving students an exciting tool to teach their whole family about energy!

Check out the Natural Gas Safety and Electrical Safety Posters by clicking on them below!



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