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T!E Turn It Off Light Switch Stickers (Set of 30)


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Turn It Off stickers are a great way to remind yourself and others of a simple way to save energy. It’s easy to forget to turn off lights when leaving a room, so place these light switch stickers on the wall to remind you, your family or classroom community every time a light switch is flipped to switch it off later.

Each set of Turn It Off stickers includes 30 light switch stickers. With that many stickers you will be able to put one on every light switch in your home… and your neighbor’s house too! But these, energy efficiency promoting, stickers are especially ideal for classrooms and community events. When we think about energy we talk about energy and with Turn It Off stickers we can easily take action to save energy. Start a conversation about energy efficiency, share that turning off lights is a basic way to save energy, then give your friend a sticker!

It’s easy to remind teachers, students and families to turn off lights with Turn It Off stickers! Stickers are fun, and small actions make a big difference.



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