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This September the National Energy Foundation (NEF) reached over 2,500 high school students in New Mexico. In collaboration with PNM, NEF presented its Innovation program in 14 high schools September 9-13, 2019.

High School Students Learn Energy Efficiency

Students were taught about energy efficiency through the lenses of comfort, convenience, savings and the environment. “nmUsually when you get those four things into a student’s head, they realize they can do some of this.” -Kelly Flowers, NEF Program Director

High school students are beginning to navigate their own energy use behaviors and are soon to become utility customers and voters.

The program invites and encourages students to talk to their parents and share what they’ve learned. Presenters empower students by telling them, “You are the new energy experts in your family.” Each student who participated in the presentation received an Innovation Kit (with devices such as a smart power strip and low flow shower head) and a family guide to discuss and install at home.

“They’re going to become PNM customers quickly, and to get them to think about how they use their energy at home right now before they’re paying their own bills will really help them save in the future.”
 – Shannon Jackson, PNM

High School Students Are the Future of Energy Efficiency

Students came to the presentation with different experiences and knowledge about energy efficiency, but all were very interested in the topic.

“It was informative, especially because you don’t really think about how much energy you use,” said one high school senior. Another mentioned that ‘a lot of the things [the presenter] was saying about not leaving everything plugged in at our houses, are actual rules at my house.’

After the presentation students were making plans to install energy efficient devices, take shorter showers, compete in PNM’s Energy Innovation Challenge, and considering careers in the energy field. To learn how NEF’s Innovation Program can benefit your utility’s energy savings programs and community engagement efforts, contact Chris Reilly.

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