Earth Day and Electric Vehicles

Earth Day and Electric Vehicles

In anticipation of celebrating Earth Day 2021, we here at the National Energy Foundation (NEF) began to reflect on the shift brought about this last year. NEF has adapted to a changing environment of digital learning, developing more virtual presentations and teacher-directed programs. We are also looking to the future of energy and what it means for promoting energy literacy. Over the past year, our curriculum designers have been hard at work developing a brand new program. This week, our first-ever electric vehicle education program is officially in schools!

rEV, the electrifying education experience, will teach students all over the U.S. all about electric vehicles. As more car manufacturers are focusing on a shift to electric vehicles, the technology is rapidly improving. Increased range, lower prices and more powerful motors are becoming the standard for new EVs.

Electric Vehicles and the Environment

More advanced EVs are proving better for the environment. An electric vehicle’s quiet motor produces little to no CO2 emissions, reducing both noise and air pollution. Instead of burning fuel, an EV’s lithium-ion battery releases energy through electrochemistry to power the vehicle. This means EVs don’t emit any exhaust from an engine, yielding less smog in the air and people’s lungs. If the local fuel mix (the means for generating electricity) is sourced from renewables or if the owner uses home-based solar panels to charge, CO2 emissions are minimized further.

While electric cars are reducing CO2 emissions in cities and areas with many cars on the road, what about locations where vehicles are taken out into nature? Well, for those who love the outdoors, in conjunction with the release of the Jeep Wrangler 4xe, Electrify America has partnered with the Jeep brand to Provide EV Charging at Off-road Trailheads Throughout the United States.

Our Earth is always changing, technology is always advancing, and people are always adapting. NEF is at the forefront of this transformation bringing electric vehicle education to students and families in our ongoing efforts to cultivate and promote energy literacy.

This Earth Day, consider visiting to learn more for yourself regarding the benefits of electric vehicles. Interested in sponsoring rEV in your area? Please contact Chris Reilly by emailing [email protected] or requesting your own rEV Introduction Packet.

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