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rEV is the National Energy Foundation’s (NEF) newest program. It follows Sarah, a young car lover, as she learns about the future of transportation electrification. It covers the development of electric vehicles (EVs), as well as explains electrification as a whole. NEF works hard to educate the next generation about the entire scope of energy production so they are empowered to participate in its future.

The rEV Interactive Experience is a choose your adventure film where students take part in the narrative, exploring electrical generation and the smart grid in relation to electrification. The reality of an electric future, beyond just EVs, confronts Sarah during a ride share, seen in the video below.

Like Sarah, students around the country are increasingly aware of EVs, making this a great connection for talking about electrification. By relating it to something they know, NEF Energy Educators engage more students in conversation about this important topic.

Last year, rEV was able to reach over 45,000 students. A teacher from New Mexico said, “Lots of great information about the smart grid and EV presented in the materials. [rEV] provided a good foundation for students to debate traditional vs EV vehicles”. Fostering an interest in this area leads to discussions and learning about distributed energy resources, specific applications of the smart grid, and how utility-customer relationships are beneficial. 

If you are interested in bringing rEV to schools in your area, please contact Chris Reilly at [email protected]. We look forward to our continued partnership through the transition to an electrified future!