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It’s energy awareness month! So it’s fitting that it’s also one of the busiest months here at the National Energy Foundation (NEF). We will deliver energy education in 55 different programs across 15 different states, reaching around 200,000 students this October.

In Pennsylvania alone, NEF will hold 187 presentations during Energy Awareness Month. Encompassing 11 different program variations, each customized to fit the needs of our six different utility partners in the area. This wide reach helps establish energy awareness in the next generation of energy consumers. As one teacher from Pennsylvania said, “I would tell other teachers that this is a fantastic opportunity for students and their families to learn about energy and get valuable resources to actually save energy in the home.” 

Think! Energy is NEF’s largest program, comprising 90% of the programs we deliver in October. It focuses on efficient behaviors and energy saving devices while introducing students to the types and forms of energy, careers in energy and more. NEF also promotes energy literacy through our programs on energy safety (Energy Safe Kids) and transportation electrification (rEV).

Providing quality education to increase energy awareness is very important here at NEF. With so many classroom presentations being delivered all at once across the U.S., our program directors, Energy Educators and curriculum specialists rise to the occasion. They meet students where they are. From rural and urban schools, English or Spanish language learners and low to moderate income households. We are proud to reach 200,000 students this October, providing many opportunities for local utilities to increase energy literacy in their communities.