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The holiday season is a time for family, friends and fun. It can be easy to forget to take necessary precautions to use energy safely during the holiday hustle and bustle. Here are some safety tips to keep your holiday festivities shining bright! 

1. Buy LED lights with “UL” indicators.  

LEDs use lower wattage and produce less heat, making them safer and more reliable. Lights with a green UL mark should only be used indoors. A red UL mark means the lights have been evaluated for both indoor and outdoor use.

2. Double-check lights for frayed wires and missing bulbs. 

If your holiday lights are looking damaged, it is better to discard them. Frayed wires and empty bulb sockets can increase the risk for electrocution and fire.  

3. Don’t overload outlets. 

Not overloading outlets is important any time of year. Unplugging unused appliances and limiting plug-ins is an easy way to be energy efficient and reduce the risk of fire. 

4. Keep ladders and decorations away from overhead power lines. 

When decorating outside, always be sure to look up and keep your distance from power lines. Watch our downed power line video to understand more about power line safety. 

5. Use a timer to turn off lights before going to bed or leaving home. 

Save yourself some worry and money by setting a timer to turn your lights off when they aren’t being used. 

Taking these simple precautions can help ensure nothing disrupts your holiday celebrations and keep your family safe. Thought these tips were helpful? Our Energy Safe Kids program is full of safety messages to keep your home, school and community safe. You can also join our teacher community for more energy literacy content customized to your interests and needs!