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In 2021, in partnership with Electrify America, the National Energy Foundation (NEF) launched our new electric vehicle (EV) education program, rEV. 

rEV is an interactive program for 6th – 12th grade students to explore the technology and adoption of EVs. Students have the opportunity to engage with a choose your adventure film, share thoughts and opinions on EVs and act as an EV ambassador to their friends and family. 

NEF is thrilled with all of the positive feedback we’ve received from educators, students, families and sponsors over the launch of our spring rEV pilots. Here’s a quick look at the real-world impact rEV is having on communities across the country. 

This is an amazing program! I have learned so much about EVs and the environment.

Minnesota Student

Impact of EV Education

The rEV pilots were implemented in 17 schools across four states, reaching a total of 2,265 students.

85 percent of student participants reported an increase in their EV knowledge after rEV.

43 percent said their knowledge increased “much more,” while 42 percent stated their knowledge increased “somewhat more.”

About 55 percent of students expressed a more favorable attitude toward EVs after the program. There was also an 11 percent increase in the number of students who reported an intent to purchase an EV. 

In addition to positive student feedback, NEF received praise from teachers regarding rEV. 92 percent of teachers rated rEV student engagement and teacher materials as excellent or good.

92 percent of teachers rated rEV student engagement and teacher materials as excellent or good. 

Expanding EV Education

After a successful spring launch, NEF expanded the program further to reach 49 states, 500 schools and 44,000 students in the fall of 2021. The fall expansion also included the rEV Interactive Experience being presented in classrooms by our Energy Educators. Returning to the classroom has allowed us to further connect with students and see their excitement to take an active role in shaping their energy future. 

NEF is putting middle and high school students in the driver’s seat by dispelling the myths surrounding EVs and giving students the opportunity to look into the future of transportation. With engaging program materials and a school-to-home connection, rEV is already making its mark in schools across the nation. 

We’re excited to continue cultivating an energy literate society through EV education. Want to join our mission? Contact Chris Reilly at [email protected] or 847-514-7626 to learn more!