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“First question to you, what is energy?” NEF’s electric safety classroom presentations start with this question to overview energy and electricity. Then the presentation finishes with students understanding how to Take Action! if an electrical safety incident happens.


Students learn important messages like the purpose and meaning of 811 utility flag markers and what to do if they see downed power lines. In the video two students share with the camera what they learned about electrical safety. It’s great to see what the kids retained from the presentation. Equally important, students naturally share their new knowledge with peers and their families at home.

NEF loves working with educators who allow us into their classrooms (in person and virtually). In the video one of those educators shares exactly why she values working with NEF. Educators appreciate NEF programs because the curriculum matches state and national standards and engages all types of learners. Simultaneously, utilities are able to get their safety or efficiency messages into homes with a positive impact, recognition and influence within their immediate communities.

This video is a great highlight of NEF’s classroom presentations. We also have a teacher-directed (without presentation) version of the program known as the Academy of Electrical Safety. You can learn more about NEF’s Energy Safety Kids electric curriculum at We’ve also strengthened our digital programming options for use during the COVID-10 pandemic.


The purpose of Energy Safe Kids is to cultivate energy literacy by promoting the safe and wise use of electricity. Visit or reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

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