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“When I smelled natural gas, I hoped it would not last.” Is this a thought that goes through anyone else’s mind as you catch a whiff of mercaptan?

This is the opening line of Thermilla’s debut music video. Thermilla is NEF’s Energy Safe Kids’ mentor for natural gas safety, ready to inform and protect. She appears throughout presentations, websites, and printed materials to guide students on the journey to become an energy safe kid.

Her latest appearance is a fun piece in which she tells her experience smelling natural gas and then the outcomes of her actions. Students will remember the message in the form of a catchy tune and rhyming lyrics. Meanwhile, they see what they have been taught in action. After participation in one of NEF’s Energy Safe Kids programs, students will be ready to take action when they smell mercaptan just like these girls and this boy. With a big “Thank you, for reporting at once.” just like Thermilla.

Love this video? Reach out to [email protected] to learn more about how we can bring our Academy of Natural Gas to your community.

NEF also partners with the Common Ground Alliance in the annual Call 811 Contest for students. We would love for you to share these contests with your communities. Check out the 811 poster contest and the 811 video contest, then let us know how we might support these contests in your area.

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