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From natural resources to weatherization to carbon reduction, energy literacy is an essential part of comprehensive environmental education. The National Energy Foundation (NEF) is celebrating Environmental Education Week by encouraging classrooms and families to join us in teaching students about energy and the environment through fun energy efficiency activities. 

Energy Efficiency Scavenger Hunt

Invite students to walk around the school or home on the hunt for energy wasters! For example, lights on in unoccupied rooms, idle electronics not on sleep or standby mode and doors without weatherstripping are just a few things your students can find. Have students list the wasters they found and have the class brainstorm ways they could be more efficient. This activity also shows how to put environmental education into action and make a difference by reducing energy use.

Check out the video for more ideas for spotting energy wasters!

Save or Waste?

Put your students’ knowledge to the test by playing Save or Waste. Just come up with energy use actions and assign one to each student. Then, challenge students with energy-wasting actions to find the classmate with the corresponding energy-saving action and vice versa. You can also find actions on our Energy Efficiency and Energy Wise Behaviors poster.  

Environmental Education Gets Creative

It can be easy to forget all the small things you can do to reduce energy use. After learning the impact of energy consumption during Environmental Education Week, give students an opportunity to create posters to hang around the classroom or school to remind others to be energy efficient. 

Environmental Education Week is a great time to introduce students to the impact of energy and energy efficiency. K-12 students have an opportunity to make a difference within their school or home to reduce energy use and help the environment. You can also join our teacher community to receive access to more STEM education and hands-on activities by signing up for our teacher newsletter.