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At the National Energy Foundation (NEF), we value our partnerships with educators across the country. As a result of our strong teacher community, we provide energy education programs to over half a million students in grades K-12 each year. Our ability to understand teacher and energy education needs allows us to significantly increase community outreach for utility partners.

The NEF team is made up of educators who are passionate about providing quality educational opportunities for students. Likewise, as former classroom teachers and school curriculum developers, we are dedicated to engaging and energizing today’s K-12 educators. Helping us along the way is the Educators Advisory Council (EAC), a group of current classroom teachers who give feedback on NEF programs as well as provide insight into new educational trends and technology. 

We show our appreciation for teachers by listening and building programs that meet their needs, whether it be curriculum correlations or classroom grants. All of our programs and materials are provided free of charge to local teachers through utility sponsorship. Similarly, many of our programs offer classroom grants for student participation. We also ensure all lessons and activities are aligned with local, state and national standards. This allows us to create partnerships with organizations like state boards of education to ensure the educational integrity of our programs. 

A Teacher Community Through Partnership

Through our efforts, we’ve been able to successfully build relationships with over 26,000 teachers in the past year alone. These relationships result in industry-leading teacher satisfaction. With a teacher approval rating of 99.47 percent, we continue to receive feedback from educators showing their appreciation for our attention to detail, success in engaging students and fun educational experiences. The trust we have earned with teachers also means they continue to invite us back into the classroom year after year. Here are some more examples of the incredible feedback we’ve received from teachers. 

It is a great education program for the students to learn about the energy around them and simple things they can do to be more energy efficient! It is something they should keep implementing every year!
-Illinois Teacher

Very informative, hits a lot of the 4th grade science standards and it is fun for the kids! We appreciate programs like this and the students and teachers love the program!
-Pennsylvania Teacher

We are so excited to continue energizing classrooms and families across the country as we promote energy literacy. Want to join our mission? Learn more about community engagement in your area through efficiency programs by contacting Chris Reilly at [email protected] or safety programs by contacting Katie Barnes at [email protected]!