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With fall quickly approaching, the National Energy Foundation (NEF) is excited for another year of energy savings. We reached nearly 1,000,000 students and their families last year with the addition of our new program, rEV. This school year, we have the opportunity to build on this success through the expansion of our Community in Action (CIA) programs.

CIA programs focus on reaching the larger school community, extending beyond just the classroom. We hold after school or evening events and invite the entire family to participate in the program. NEF teaches families ways to increase energy savings at home, and present them with hands-on efficiency device kits, courtesy of our local utility partners. With this larger reach, NEF has the opportunity to push forward towards a more energy literate future.

NEF is specifically expanding CIA programs in Illinois this fall. This new round of events will teach families about smart technologies and how to incorporate them into their own homes. In the efficiency device kits, families receive a smart LED lightbulb. These lightbulbs increase energy savings, and go home with the family at the end of the event. The kit itself is customizable, depending on the needs of the local utility. That way NEF can help each family and utility on their journey to a more sustainable future.

NEF is committed to increasing energy literacy in a variety of ways. The expanding area of community education is another avenue we are taking in order to create an energy efficient world. If you’re interested in adding efficiency, safety or electric vehicle education to your outreach this school year, please contact [email protected].