Academy of Natural Gas Education

Academy of Natural Gas Education

In an effort to increase both energy literacy and natural gas safe practices among American students, the National Energy Foundation, in conjunction with gas utilities partners, have designed a direct and effective tactic. The program, Academy of Natural Gas Education, provides a cost effective way to reach a large audience of teachers, students and their families.

We align the importance of natural gas and safety to curriculum that teachers are already required to teach. Feedback received from participating teachers has allowed improvement of this program each year. For example, this past school year, the program included a newly developed website with robust teacher and student sections.

Natural Gas Education Resource Website

Teachers are able to access a visual classroom presentation, lesson plans, activities and downloadable curriculum. A digital matrix of these resource provides context. Through the matrix teachers see how each item aligns with STEM and Next Generation Science Standards. As a result, this program is a tool that they can use year round. The student section is a powerful platform full of fun games, videos and interactive learning posters with gamification that is fully functional across all devices.

Along with new digital curriculum, the teachers and students also receive hard copy classroom and take home materials. How many of the participating teachers really used the materials with their students? Out of the teachers who responded to the program wide teacher survey 98.1% said that they have or will use the materials in their classroom.

Each student was provided with a mercaptan scratch ‘n sniff sticker and activity booklet called the Natural Gas Safety Challenge. This booklet is designed to be taken home and completed with their families. Out of teachers responding to the survey, 85.7% said that they did or will send home the booklet with their students.

Teachers Take on Natural Gas Education

This is what participating teachers had to say about this year’s Academy of Natural Gas Education program:

“I really liked all of the resources. Natural Gas safety isn’t something I usually teach about in the classroom, but it is important so it was good to add it in the curriculum.”

“The kids enjoyed both the posters and books. Most valuable to me is the booklet and activities.”

“I liked how the website is kid and teacher friendly. Lots of great learning opportunities and activities for the kids to learn about energy safety.”

“Very user friendly and the students were able to show their parents what they learned on their own device.”

For more information about the Academy of Natural Gas Education visit or contact [email protected]


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