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August 11th is National 811 day, bringing awareness of why it is important to always call 811 before you dig.

Whether you are a homeowner or excavator, it is important to make the safe choice, call 811 before digging and have underground utility lines clearly marked. Common Ground Alliance (CGA) states, “Striking a single line can cause injury, repair costs, fines and inconvenient outages. Every digging project, no matter how large or small, warrants a call to 811. Installing a mailbox, building a deck, planting a tree and laying a patio are all examples of digging projects that need a call to 811 before starting.”

An underground line is damaged more than six times every hour as a result of someone digging without calling 811 beforehand – make sure to call 811 before you dig!

What to Expect When You Call 811

When calling 811, the call will be connected to the local one-call center, which notifies the appropriate utility companies of the intent to dig. Professional locators, sent to the requested digging site, will then mark the approximate locations of underground lines with flags, spray paint or both.

Here’s what you do:

  • Call 811 a few days prior before digging – it’s free!
  • Wait for a professional to mark the approximate areas of where not to dig.
  • Enjoy digging safely after a professional has marked the underground utility lines.
  • Educate your friends and family to call 811 before digging.
  • Learn more at com or visit your local utilities website.
  • Have fun and be safe!

At the National Energy Foundation (NEF) we support CGA’s campaign for 811 day. We also show continued support by educating students all around the country and share the message “Call 811 Before You Dig” in many of our programs.

Visit or for more information about 811 and safe digging practices.

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Common Ground Alliance. (2017). 811 FAQs. Retrieved from

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