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Innovative Educational Experiences

The National Energy Foundation specializes in delivering innovative educational experiences. Each of the NEF services has been developed to effectively reach the education community with messages that permanently change the way students and their families approach energy. They are each uniquely designed to fit with the following brands or be custom branded for your organization:

Developing your Education Strategy

Whether your priority is saving energy, using energy safely, learning about its origins or any other aspect of energy literacy, NEF has the perfect service to reach your target audience. Every service offered is able to effectively stand alone or be conducted in conjunction with any number of other NEF services. Call NEF today and let us help develop the perfect education strategy to meet your goals.

In-class Presentations

Teams of professional educators go directly into classrooms with hands-on training that helps students and their families be safe and smart with energy use.

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Curriculum Development

The National Energy Foundation’s signature curriculum is produced by a team of in-house writers, artists and designers in consultation with leaders in the energy industry.

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Student Camps

Student camps range from half-day to multi-day events where students learn about energy from industry experts on-site at power plants and other energy facilities.

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Teacher Professional Development

Teacher professional development provides in-depth energy literacy training using the same hands-on methods teachers are encouraged to use in their classrooms.

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Teacher-Directed Programs

Teacher-directed energy programs provide teachers with electronic presentations and the necessary resources to conduct kit-based programs at their convenience while still reaching aggressive energy savings targets for sponsors.

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Teacher Materials Distribution

Energy education materials are sent directly to teachers on behalf of sponsors. Contents are targeted by grade level to reinforce teaching energy concepts.

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Student Competitions

Student competitions encourage students to think critically about energy issues and creatively express their ideas for an opportunity to receive recognition and awards.

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Energy Workforce Development

Tools for teachers and school counselors, facility tours, career focused curriculum and program additions help students discover extraordinary job opportunities available in the energy industry.

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Water Conservation Programs

Water conservation programs match measured water savings with the behavioral training to change the way students and their families use water.

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