Natural Gas Leak Discovered After Energy Safety Education

Natural Gas Leak Discovered After Energy Safety Education

Taught in all of our energy education programs, energy safety is a priority here at the National Energy Foundation.

So, when we discovered a news article from Three Rivers News (in Three Rivers, MI) highlighting the effect of our energy safety curriculum on the community we were excited. The article relates the story of Carter, a fourth-grader, who participated in our Think! Energy program thanks to Semco Energy and Gas Company. As a result, a month later, Carter was able to detect a gas leak at his church. For the full story, download the PDF: Fourth grader detects gas leak

NEF’s Natural Gas & Energy Safety Curriculum

Energy safety is taught as part of our Think! Energy (energy efficiency focused programs), and yet we have an entire program dedicated to natural gas safety, Energy Safe Kids.

NEF’s Energy Safe Kids program focuses on natural gas education and safety. School children learn what natural gas is as well as how it is located, transported, and used. Students take home materials to share with their families and communities.

Presenters educate for energy safety both inside and outside the home. Students learn how to identify a gas leak through the smell, hear, see approach – then wheat to do it a leak is identified. Likewise, students are taught about calling 811 before digging outside to avoid disrupting gas lines and other important energy lines.

Students continue their individual energy safety exploration through online resources. We have an interactive natural gas poster as well as more energy safety games and activities.

The mission of Energy Safe Kids is to cultivate energy literacy by promoting the safe and wise use of natural gas. Visit or reach out to [email protected] to learn more.

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