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This fall we had an extraordinary number of entries for our national rEV Challenge. With 140 entries from 9 states, we were sure to find some amazing submissions.

We are excited to announce that this fall’s rEV Challenge winner is Franco Rodriguez from Eagle Valley HS in Colorado. Franco’s class participated in our electric vehicle education program, rEV ,thanks to an ongoing STEM-grant from Electrify America in 2021. As the rEV Challenge winner, both he and his teacher, Mitchell Plath, will receive an electric bike.

For the rEV Challenge, students are asked to create a 30-45 second video telling their friends about the benefits and the future of electric vehicles. Below are two of this season’s three honorable mention videos from students in Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

The rEV Challenge will continue to run nationwide as we deliver electric vehicle education in middle and high schools throughout the county. We continue to be impressed with the students’ professionalism and creativity.

For more information on rEV or the rEV Challenge visit our website,